Urban villa
Baliva, F. Alessandro De Rossi, E. Rampelli | Rome, Italy | 1962
Image of Aldrovandi
Street facade

ArchitectBaliva, F. Alessandro De Rossi, E. Rampelli
AddressVia Aldrovandi/Via Mangili
Building TypeUrban villa
Number of Dwellings10
Date Built1962
Dwelling TypesNA
No. Floors5
Section Typeflats
Exterior Finish
concrete/brick, wood windows
Construction TypeR-D frame
Ancillary Servicesparking

A reoccurring challenge in Roman building is how to combine new construction with existing historic buildings. In Rome, this frequently involves antique buildings and as the need for new inner city housing increased so has the need for denser development of former districts of large houses and 19th century villas. Redevelopment of these sites usually results in the destruction of the former buildings. On this beautiful site at the edge of the Borghese Gardens, however, the architects kept some of the walls, entrance, some of the foundation and ground floor elements of the nineteenth building that formerly occupied the site and added 4 floors of new apartments. The use of Roman brick, horizontal bands of travertine, and the use of alternating vertical zones of masonry and recessed balconies results in a rich, layered composition combining vernacular and modernist ideas while maintaining the transition from single to collective residential use. The new upper floors of the facade form a new piano nobili that seems to levitate above the remaining fragments of the old villa and is finished off with a set back zone of penthouse apartments, terraces and roofs that are typical of the apartments built in the residential districts outside the historic center of Rome in the 1950’s and 60’’s.

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