Slab, point-access
Casa della Marinarezza
NA | Venice, Italy | 14th cent-1661
Image of Casa della...
Canal facade

ProjectCasa della Marinarezza
AddressCorte Colonne or Schiavona #1411-67 (along the Basin S. Marco and Via Garibaldi)
Building TypeSlab, point-access
Number of Dwellings55
Date Built14th cent-1661
Dwelling Types4 room typical
No. Floors3
Section Typeflats
Exterior Finish
stucco, stone, wood
Construction Typemasonry walls wood framing
Ancillary Servicesshops

Three blocks of 3-story dwellings were built about 1335 by the foundation of the Procuratoria de Cita and given free to sailors who had distinguished themselves in service to the Republic. These buildings thus constitute one of the earliest examples of multiple-dwelling housing being built as a social endeavor. The three buildings are perpendicular to the edge of the water and were given a common facade in 1645-61 by uniting the ends of the three slabs into one facade by building an arch over each street. Repeating internal stairs service one small 4-room apartment per floor. The Venetian use of a standardized modular construction system of masonry bearing walls and wood flooring suggesting modern building and construction. Although certainly minimal dwellings by any standards, the fact that these buildings have been in continual use for over 600 years speaks to their viability as legitimate social hocusing. The addition of a connecting facade between the three buildings along Riva Schiavoni in the 17th century was an ingenious strategy to integrate the buildings urbanistically by providing end façades to typical residential slabs.

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